September 10th Meetup

Access & Resources

This month we discussed some of the challenges faced when trying to grow your career or business. As Allies we champion for inclusivity & equality but find one of the biggest road blocks is meeting the criteria for one of the most valuable resources: Funding.

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Frequent attendee Cherryl Bird volunteered to help lead our discussion by sharing her knowledge & experiences. Cherryl is the publisher and executive editor of, a digital publication that connects people around the world on local cultural issues that inspire meaningful change. Through the independently-owned publication, she seeks to highlight voices and viewpoints often missing from mainstream media. She built Core Magazines from its foundation as a creative outlet for her writing. Her stories have reached a high of 1,500 views per day and through syndication, each article has a viewing potential of over 80 million people per month. Thanks to her collaboration with CNW, a newswire service with a broad, global distribution network that feeds into broadcast, print and digital media outlets.


“Know what you don’t know.” There are actually SO many online & in-person places offering support & skill building at little or no cost to women and other minorities. These organizations understand the hurdles under represented groups face when it comes to funding & self development. The problem is, most of us don’t even know they exist - or where to look. Additionally, statistics have shown that unless a woman meets all - or almost all, of the criteria for a job or program they won’t pursue it. Quite often there are exceptions or modifications that can be made to ensure everyone has access to the resources they need.

There are some excellent local resources - Check them out!

AWS - Training - FREE -


Parkdale Centre for Innovation -

General Assembly

 Khan Academy -

Bridge School -

And of course Allies in Tech & our amazing sponsors Beanfield Metroconnect & Regus!

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Couldn’t attend this month? No worries - Allies in Tech meets the 2nd Tuesday of every month!

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