Our Mission

A community based initiative designed to promote deep conversations on inclusivity by sharing experiences, challenges and triumphs of all women in all levels of the tech and innovation ecosystem ~ through mindful meetup.

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Our vision

To create a space where we can meetup and move the dial forward.

Toronto has an incredible support network for women leaders, and can continue to set an example for other cities the world over. Engaging women equally in our tech talent pool is more than just an issue of equality. When companies embrace diverse voices, they adopt the type of competitive mindset required to thrive globally.
— Daneal Charney, Talent Lead, MaRS Venture Services

Shawn Achor believes they DO & he’s got the stats to back it up in his article on Harvard Business Review.

What We're working on

10 Day Self Challenge

Here is an example of what one person did after the Move The Dial Summit and we hope to do this here. We've connected with her on Linkedin and she is looking forward to our shares on this.

Ask & Give


A practice pioneered by Nathalie Crosby during her time as Director for Lesbians Who Tech + Allies :: Toronto is now being implemented among Allies in Tech!

During our meetups, attendees wishing to participate will present:

- One Brief Ask

- One Brief Offer

Benefits: Everyone gets support from asks, confidence boosts & a chance to help others by sharing their offers.

We are looking forward to hearing feedback from those who have gotten value from this exercise and the connections they made!