June 11th, 2019 Meetup

Mentoring, Coaching & Sponsorship - oh my, Allies!

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The Allies table was FULL of support & positive vibes this month as we discussed coaching & mentoring and the importance of sponsorship for women & other minorities and how it relates to Allyship.

Beyond grateful to have some expert opinions & insight from local Coaches & Consultants: Lianne Krakauer of Krakauer Coaching & Consulting, Nadia Tenorio of Nadia Tenorio Coaching Solutions, Dianna Byers of Rotman Commerce U of T and Lauralee Sheehan of Digital 55 - along with everyone who was able to attend & contribute making moderating this meetup an effortless and engaging experience!

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We explored the different levels of these relationships, how it can benefit both parties and the unspoken etiquette of growing & maintaining them - from both the perspective of seeking guidance & providing it. We also discussed how to ask by giving & “Micro-sponsorship” - more than just coffee.

Special thank you to Regus & Beanfield Metroconnect for their continued support!

Looking forward to next month!

Krista Sayer - AIT