April 9th, 2019 Meetup

“I” Before “D” - Why Inclusion is the Key to Diversity

This month we had a full house as we “sprung” into inclusion & diversity with expert Annemarie Shrouder! She lead an interactive discussion sharing how Inclusion is the Key to Diversity in her signature methodology: The ABC’s of Inclusion. Leaving us with many valuable takeaways, some new perspectives & above all - a genuine commitment to diversity.

AIT April 9 - 1.jpg

“All Space Camp - No Spacesuits”

This month’s moderator Emily Morris kicked off our meetup in a big way. Emily touched on a recent event where NASA scrapped its first all-female spacewalk (for now) because apparently there aren't enough spacesuits that fit.

Emily & Annemarie kept the conversation going while attendees asked questions & shared stories. Thank you to all those able to attend & contribute - with special thanks to The Regus Group in LibertyVillage for providing the space & Beanfield Metroconnect for sponsoring our lunch!